What is embroidery?

Embroidery is the art or process of forming decorative designs with machine needlework.

What kind of designs are available?

There are a variety of patterns and pictures available to be embroidered. Check out some of our latest samples in the Embroidery Section!

Are there any deals for buying bulk?

Our big deal on buying bulk merchandise (10 or more) is 10% off garments. Please email us if you have any further inquiries!

What does it mean to “Digitize” a logo or design?

Digitizing a design or logo is the art of translating your picture or drawing or idea into a stitch format that can be read by the embroidery machine. This involves the use of specialized embroidery creation software to create the commands such as colour changes and trims, what type of stitch to use and where to use it, all the information needed to create your unique design.

What garments can be embroidered?

Items that are excellent for our embroidery and are available to be purchased are:

Caps starting at $4.99 cdn
T-shirts starting at $5.99 cdn
Long-sleeve dress shirts starting at $19.99 cdn
Golf shirts starting at $19.99 cdn
Sweat shirts starting at $19.99 cdn
Denim long-sleeve shirts starting at $29.99 cdn
Jackets starting at $29.99 cdn
Vests starting at $29.99 cdn

How do you calculate the cost of embroidery?

Embroidery prices are calculated based on the stitch count of the design. To determine this we first need to have a rough copy of your design. This can be emailed to us in any of the following forms: jpg, jpeg, gif. We also need to know what type of garment it will be stitched on, what size you want the finished design to be and how many garments will be done each time. Once we have your design we will do a rough setup and give you a quotation based on this. The more information you can give us, the better our quote will be. A standard price for a basic design and a minimum quantity is $1.00 per thousand stitches.

Are there limitations to embroidery?

Embroidery has some technical limitations which need to be considered before we can set up your logo. Very small lettering and very fine lines do not generally reproduce well with embroidery. Embroidery techniques also vary depending upon the material we are going onto, as an example different setups are required for t-shirts as compared to oxford cloth dress shirts. Polar fleece and hats also produce different challenges. If necessary making small changes or adaptations to your design will make it possible to embroider a top-quality image on your selected garments.

Embroidery Tips & Guidelines

Embroidery Size and Details Relationship

Basically, it will not be possible to embroider a very detailed logo/design in very small amount of space.

Embroidery on “Left Chest”/”Right Chest”

The size of the embroidered design should not exceed 4 inches wide to prevent it from sliding underneath the bicep and armpit area. The height should not exceed 3.5 inches for best appearance.

Embroidery on Full Front/Full Back

Size should not exceed 10.5 inches high and 10.5 inches wide for best possible result.

Embroidery on Short Sleeve

Size should not exceed 3.5 inches wide for best result. The height varies.

Embroidery on Cuff

Size should not exceed 3.5 inches wide for best result. The height varies.

Embroidery on Hats

Size should be in the range of 2.5 inches high and 5 – 6 inches wide at the front for best result. Embroidery at the sides and back are also available.


Monogramming on left chest/right chest, letters should be at least 0.25 inches or 0.64 centimeters in height. Embroidered words exceeding 4 inches wide per line should be placed on another line. For small lettering, sometimes it’s necessary to capitalize all text for better legibility.